the software

VizMove systems come with Vizard, our Python-based VR development engine, or Vizible, our no-coding software for drag-and-drop VR creation and collaboration. If you use our warehouse scale motion tracking technology, you'll get that software too.

the hardware

You can get portable VR rigs or scale all the way up to VR facilities and showrooms. VizMove Systems can include backpack VR units, Projection VR displays, our wide-area motion tracking cameras, eye-tracking, and more. You can choose Vive, Rift, or WinMR headsets.

the value

VizMove systems allow for rapid content creation and collaborative, multi-user VR experiences. Our customers use VizMove systems for VR research labs, showrooms, trade-show displays, and more. We handle any setup, support, and training that's needed.

vizmove basic

what is it?

VizMove Basic Systems can be built with desktops, laptops, or our portable rig, the VizBox.
Choose between Vive, Rift, or WinMR headsets.
Systems are preloaded with Vizard or Vizible

what's it for?

Economical, robust, portable virtual reality rigs.
Creating and publishing VR content.
Collaborating remotely with others in VR.
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